Árlegur strandhreinsunardagurThe Blue army was est. in 1995 by sportdivers from www.dive.is. We have been members of www.padi.com since 1991 and www.projectaware.org  since 1995. The Blue army has been awarded by Project AWARE as a major influencial NGO and is well known around the world amongst divers.

The Blue army has hosted numerous events with foreigners from around the world, we have an annual event with the US Embassy of Iceland, we have an annual event with the EU office in Iceland and with all other embassy staff members from around the world.

We conduct and participate in 30-40 different projects every year, beach cleanups, school visits, seminars, company visits and CSR meetings.

We have an open invitation for everyone who visits Iceland and wants to participate in an event hosted by us or set up by us for visiting groups, schools etc.

Well over 2000 foreigners from all over the planet have been in projects hosted by us.

In our 25 years as an NGO we have removed over 1550 metric tons of trash from Icelandic nature and assisted municipalitys in over 300 projects to clean the environment. Volunteers are more than 9600 and they have contributed 76000 manhours.

The Blue army is a founding member of www.worldcleanupday.org.

The Blue army is a member of www.letsdoitworld.org

The Blue army works with www.landvernd.is and other NGO´s in Iceland.

For further information contact: [email protected] or mob.00354-897-6696.